1. Teams shall consist of six (6) players.

2. Each match shall consist of one (1) twelve (12) over innings per side.

3. No bowler may bowl more than three (3) overs. In the event of a bowler being unable to finish an over, it shall be completed by another eligible bowler.

4. The interval between innings shall not exceed five (5) minutes.

5. Two batsmen must be at the wicket at all times. In the event of five (5) wickets falling, the last batsman out shall remain as a runner until the sixth (6th) wicket falls or twelve (12) overs are completed.

6. When a batsman reaches a score of twenty-five (25) runs they must retire but may return, in order of retirement, if the remainder of the side, not including the batsman at the wicket, are dismissed.

7. Each ball bowled must pitch over the yellow line designated as the ‘no ball’ line or will be called as a ‘no ball’.

8. Overs will be bowled from the nearest end of the arena

9. We have two (2) Powerplay overs in which the scores are DOUBLED. Over one (1) is mandatory over and then the batting team choose another powerplay over between overs two (2) and twelve (12)