The EICC Terms & Conditions This document has been complied for the guidance of clubs, organisations and individuals using the facilities and services of The EICC which shall be referred to throughout this document as EICC. Bookings, Payments and Cancellation


1) All applications for the hire of EICC facilities or participation in EICC activities shall be made using the appropriate booking form. The person by whom the booking form is signed must be over 18 years of age and shall be considered the Hirer. Where the booking is made on behalf of an organisation or a club that organisation or club must be named on the booking form and shall be considered the Hirer and shall be jointly and severally liable along with the person who signs the booking form.

2) The hours of hire must include preparation and clear-out time.

3) Bookings can be made by email, telephone or on the online booking forms where applicable. All payments to be made upfront at the time of the booking. Payment can be made by telephoning the centre, using a debit or credit card. Cash in person for all coaching activities and to EICC for hall/lane hire.

4) Cancellations. Cancellations can be made by email or telephone. The majority of our hires are forward bookings; cancelled spaces are very difficult to fill at short notice as clubs/schools will have found an alternative facility therefore a cancellation fee applies. Bookings can be transferred to another hirer who can fill your slot which may be preferable to paying the cancellation fee. No refunds are given for missed appointments or dates.

5) Public Liability. Clubs, Schools, Universities, Corporations & Associations etc must produce a valid copy of their Public Liability Insurance document (£5000,000 cover) prior to the start date of hire. Failure to do so may prevent use of EICC facilities. Individual Lane Hire: Payment: New customers, payment is required at time of booking. Customers who have completed a EICC Registration Form, at time of booking or on the day (cancellation fees apply) Cancellation: NO REFUND within 24 hours notice. 24-48 hours notice: 50% refund. Extended hire: A booking of 3 or more lane hours. (A lane hour is one hour x 1 lane) Payment: Payment at the time of booking. Cancellation: There is no refund for a booking cancelled with 7 or less days notice. 90% refund for cancellation with more than 7 days notice from the start date. 2. Special Events: Payment: 10% non refundable deposit with booking. Full payment 4 weeks in advance. Cancellation: Less than 4 weeks notice: No refund, full facility hire is payable. Over 4 weeks notice: 90% refund less any additional event costs already incurred. Club Nets: For forward bookings of 4 weeks or more. Payment: 1. One week in advance, with 4 weeks paid in advance no later than the start date. 2. Full payment 4 weeks in advance of the start date (with a min. 10 sessions) to benefit from a discounted rate and early payment discount if applicable. Cancellation: 1. For payments made one week in advance: A cancellation fee of 4 weeks hire is payable if cancellation is within 4 weeks of the start date or within 4 weeks of the finish date(or part thereof). Hirers will either be refunded or invoiced for any balance due. 2. If full payment has been made: A cancellation fee of 4 weeks hire is payable. This applies to long term bookings (or part thereof) when cancelled within 4 weeks prior to the start date or finish date of the hire. Hirers will either be refunded or invoiced for any balance due. NB. Please note that these discounted rates are exempt of vat. Cancellation that results in less than 10 weeks hire will lead to the imposition of vat on the lanes used and hirers will be invoiced accordingly. Schools & Organisations: For bookings of 4 weeks or more As Block Forward Bookings are difficult to replace at short notice, the following applies: Payment: Full payment to be made 4 weeks in advance or. Discounts are available for non Vat Registered organisations and for early payment. Cancellation: There is a 4 week cancellation policy. If long term bookings (or part thereof) are cancelled within 4 weeks prior to the start date or during the course of the booking 4 weeks hire is payable as a cancellation fee. If cancelled with less than 4 weeks remaining, the balance of hire will not be refunded. NB. Please note that these discounted rates are exempt of vat. Cancellation that results in less than 10 weeks hire will lead to the imposition of vat on the lanes used and hirers will be invoiced accordingly. COACHING Private 1-2-1 Coaching Payment: New customers, pay at time of booking. Registered customers, when booking or on the day (cancellation fees apply) 5% reduction for full advance payment of bookings of 10 or more sessions. Cancellation: up to 48 hours prior Full refund 24-48 hours prior 50% refund Less than 24 hours non refundable  Development Squads: Payment: These sessions are roughly based on the school term time. Full payment of terms fees is required in advance (payment arrangements can be made). Cancellation: 4 week notice of term cancellation. Clinics and Masterclasses: Payment: Full payment of clinic /class fee at the time of booking (payment arrangements can be made). Cancellation: Single Clinic: Full refund if more than 48 hour notice is given otherwise 50% refund. Camps and Promotions: Payment: Full payment with booking. Cancellation: Full refund less 10% administration fee.

6) The charges for hire will be those in force on the date of hire. If the charges are increased between the date of the application and the actual date of hire, then a supplementary charge will be made. Once Supersportz has given notice of a proposed increase the Hirer shall be entitled to terminate the hiring by notice in writing within one week of receiving notice of the change, and any deposit shall be refunded.

7) EICC reserves the right to refuse application for the use of the facilities, or to refuse any application without being required to give any reason for such refusal. Use and Care of the Premises 1) The Hirer shall not use the hall for any purpose other than that specified on the booking form and shall neither enter the hall before nor leave the hall after the times stated on the application form. 2) Reasonable care must be taken to protect any surface or equipment that is likely to suffer damage as a result of hire. 3) It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the maintenance of order and in particular the clearing of the premises at the end of a function. Any misconduct by any person attending the function may result in the Hirer and his/her organisation being refused further bookings. 4) It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that all minors (under the age of 18) wearing and use the appropriate protective equipment. 5) EICC accepts no responsibility for accidents or injuries which occur under parental, club or other hire or usage of the nets and hall. 6) The Hirer shall be responsible for the administration, organisation and running of their event/lane, and shall be liable for any claims resulting from any failure thereof. 7) If the premises are not fully vacated by the time given for the function to end, a surcharge may/will be made for the extra time.

8) The Hirer shall agree to repay to EICC all expenses which may be incurred by them in cleaning, repairing, making good or replacing any part of EICC buildings or the contents thereof which may be lost, damaged or destroyed in consequence of the Hirer is use of EICC. EICC reserves the right to distress on the goods which is the ownership of the Hirer and may be left on the property for any non-payment or damaged occasioned by the by the use of the facility by the Hirer.

9) No responsibility can be accepted by EICC for loss of, or damage to, any property which may be brought onto the premises as a result of hiring.  

10) The Hirer shall indemnify EICC from and against all costs, claims, expenses or damage incurred or suffered by the EICC arising either directly or indirectly out of the use of the Hirer of the hired facility and equipment of EICC.

11) The Hirer shall not carry out any alteration to the buildings or fittings, nor shall he/she fix or make fixings for any apparatus, equipment or decoration without prior written consent from EICC. Venue All correspondence, publicity and literature relating to the hiring of EICC for any purpose must include reference to the name and referred to as The EICC. Coaches, Teacher and Tutors All professional, semi-professional, amateur, club and school coaches/teachers/tutors in any capacity are prohibited from advertising, promoting and soliciting business and customers on EICC premises. Cricket Lane Rules 1) Hirers must observe the maximum capacity in lanes. 2) The maximum lane capacity is 6 people. With supervision and organisation by an ECB Level 2 qualified cricket coach (proof of which is required) and with consultation with the Centre Manager EICC  may, at its discretion, allow a maximum of 8 people per lane at the Hirer is own risk. 3) The maximum hall lane capacity is 40 people. 4) The maximum capacity of the hall without nets is at the discretion of EICC and will be decided by the Centre Manager in relation to the proposed activity. 5) The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all persons utilising the facilities hired are properly attired for the purpose for which the hall is hired. In most cases this will be cricket whites, tracksuits, non-marking sports trainers. 6) Footwear that has been worn outside, or which is likely to dirty or mark the floor must not be worn. Spikes are prohibited. The decision of EICC or duly authorised personnel as to whether attire or footwear is considered suitable shall be final and binding. Hire/Use of Sports Equipment 1) Where hire of sports equipment is granted a suitably qualified person must be provided by the hirer to supervise the use. 2) All persons and Hirers wishing to use the automatic bowling machine (BOLA) must receive training from EICC staff prior to hire. The minimum age for use of the bowling machine is 18. All persons under the age of 18 must be supervised by an appropriately trained adult. EICC reserves the right to refuse use of the bowling machine. 3) Hirerís equipment or property may only be stored with the prior consent of EICC. Such equipment or property shall be stored entirely at the risk of the owner, and EICC will accept no liability for any loss or damage to any items howsoever caused. Food and Drink 1) No consumption of food in the sports hall. Only water in plastic sports bottles allowed in the hall. 2) Chewing gum is prohibited on the premises. 3) Alcohol is prohibited on the premises. 4) EICC reserves the exclusive rights of sale of all refreshments within EICC premises. No Hirer may undertake their own catering arrangements within EICC without the prior written consent of EICC. Smoking Smoking is not permitted in any part of EICC premises or entrances by any person regardless of their status or business with EICC. The No-Smoking Policy covers all types of burnt and smoked products including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and non tobacco products in whatever format. Spectators 1) Spectators are to use the viewing gallery or area as directed by EICC staff at their own risk and are not to hinder in any way the activities participating sports persons or other lane/hall users in any sports area within EICC. 2) Exclusive Hirers of any area shall accept full responsibility for the control of their hired area and shall be responsible for restricting unauthorised viewing or access to bona fide users. 3) Special prior arrangements can be made with EICC where help is required and any assistance provided will be for the account of the Hirer. Photography, Broadcasting and Filming rights 1) No photographic apparatus of any kind whatsoever shall be brought into EICC for commercial or private purposes without the express written permission of EICC. 2) Photographic equipment will be in use in EICC for teaching purposes and Hirers recognise that in hiring any part of EICC they may be inadvertently filmed. Regulations relating to the use of photographic equipment in EICC are available at reception and sent out with each booking form. 3) No Hirer shall grant sound or television broadcasting or filming rights without prior written consent being given from EICC. EICC reserves the rights to be a party to any negotiation, and the terms and conditions of any agreement reached, and to share any income and publicity there from. 4) EICC reserves the right to refuse any application for the use of such facilities. Parking The Hirer shall ensure that all vehicles are parked in the EICC car park and not driven or taken onto any other part of the grounds unless directed to by EICC staff. EICC does not accept liability for loss damage to any vehicle or its contents whilst parked on the EICC premises. First Aid For EICC coaching programmes the coach will be available to carry out first aid in accordance with the EICC Health and Safety policy. In all other circumstances the Hirer shall be responsible for the provision of medical attendance and the equipment, and in certain circumstances make the appropriate arrangements for the attendance of the British Red Cross or St John Ambulance Brigade. In the Event of Fire 1) In case of fire, Hirers should familiarise themselves with and inform their participants and spectators of the escape routes and the location of the fire extinguishers, fire alarms, exit doors and rendezvous points. It is the responsibility of Hirers to seek this information from EICC staff prior to making use of the facility. If fire should break out, Hirers should make every effort to call the Fire Brigade. 2) Hirers should familiarise themselves with the full list of regulations for the use of EICC premises which is available from EICC reception. Domestic Animals No animals are permitted on the premises other than a dog belonging to a registered blind person, without the express permission of EICC. Lost Property Valuables and clothing may only be deposited with EICC or left in the changing room or anywhere else on EICC premises at the ownerís entire risk and EICC will not accept responsibility or liability in respect of loss or damage to any property or articles thus deposited by the Hirer or any other person howsoever caused. EICC reserves the right to dispose as it deems fit of any property left on the premises if such property is not claimed within 1 month of discovery. Gambling, Collection or Lottery No sweepstakes, raffles or any other forms or lottery shall be promoted, conducted or held on EICC premises, except those deemed as lawful, for which prior written approval has been given by EICC and the required statutory licence or permit has been obtained. Consents Any consent or approval by EICC under these conditions shall be in writing under the hand of the Managing Director. Complaints Any complaints with regard to the management and the control of the Premises must be made in writing to the Centre Manager. Further information on EICC complaints procedure can be obtained at reception. Copyright The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that no breach of copyright shall occur and shall pay any fee in respect of copyright to the owner which may be necessary. Termination 1) Cancellation of bookings must be sent in writing to reach the EICC no later than 1 week before the start date of the booking. If written cancellation is not received by EICC for any reason the Hirer will still be liable for the full hire unless EICC in its absolute discretion waives the whole of any part thereof. 2) EICC reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to cancel or refuse all or part of any application or to terminate the agreement at any time for the following reasons: (a) At any time prior to, or during the hiring where it is considered that the use of premises is likely to occasion a risk of disorder or damage or injury to persons or property. (b) EICC be of the opinion that the function is likely to prove of an objectionable or undesirable character. (c) If EICC is required by prior arrangement or by law to provide hire for any purpose or person at the time even if the hiring has previously been confirmed by EICC. 3) In the event of any cancellation or termination of a hire by EICC as specified in Clause 2 of this section or for any other reason (e.g. failure of heating arrangements, lighting) a proportion part of the payment (or in the case of a cancellation before hire starts, the whole payment) representing the payment for the unexpired period of the letting shall be refunded to the Hirer. Any refund shall be accepted in full satisfaction of any loss or damage caused by the cancellation and HECCSport shall have no further liability in that respect. 4) EICC reserves the right to terminate any booking or series of bookings immediately in the event of the following, but without prejudice to any right or remedy which EICC may have against the Hirer under these conditions, and EICC may retain the charges paid by the Hirer in the mitigation of any loss sustained by EICC. (a) Non-payment (b) Where complaints are received as to the use of the premises by the hirer (c) For a breach of any of the conditions contained herein 5) In the event of the accommodation and or services not being used by the Hirer or not used in full as booked, no money that has been paid shall be refunded apart from as specified in clauses 3 and 4 above; providing there are no damages. Hire Not Transferable The right to use the facilities or equipment is not transferable. Amendment of Conditions EICC reserves the right to amend or vary any of the conditions of hire, or to impose supplementary conditions where the nature of an application, in the opinion of EICC, so demands.